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Welcome to our meet up! 우리 모임에 오신 것을 환영합니다!

TLDR: Event Calendar – Saturday, Gangnam MeetupWednesday, Hongdae Meetup

Over the vast amount of time that we’ve put into organizing language meet ups, we’ve discovered a few secrets. Would you like to hear? Well, first of all,

Learning a language is more than just learning a bunch of words and rules.

Of course you can’t avoid learning a bunch of words and rules. And we’re not saying that you shouldn’t open a textbook or study. what we are saying is that there are a whole bunch of processes at work that we simply can’t get from studying alone. For example, you’ve got to learn the social cues that your target language uses. You’ve got to train the muscles of your mouth by speaking with corrective feedback. You’ve got to learn body language, pronunciation, intonation, slang, nuance. In short,

Learning a language is socializing into a culture.

What that means is, you’ve got to talk with someone. Talking to a diverse group of people is an improvement on that. And making friends is even better. And as we are well aware, dating is perhaps best of all. So, though we don’t intend to match you up with friends or mates, we do intend to provide you with the conditions to socialize. Above all, we provide you with a community for you to be your own, positive, curious person. With that, we are sure you’ll be well on your way on your  language journey, and you’ll be rewarded all along the way for doing it. I think that’s enough of that. Let’s have a look at some of the details, shall we?

All meet ups combined, we bring about 1000 people to different cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs around Seoul each month. The purpose of these meet ups is to:

  • Meet friends from diverse backgrounds
  • Practice your target language in a natural way
  • Network with other professionals
  • Enjoy yourself!

As of now, we have meet ups every Saturday in Gangnam, and every Wednesday in Hongdae. For timetables, maps and future meet ups, check out our event calendar here. Also, subscribe here to stay connected by news letter or connect with us on Facebook.




We get some common questions about who can go and who cannot go to our meet ups and under what conditions. Here are a few frequently asked questions:

  • Is my language ability too low? No. I assure you it is not. We have many members who only know the basics of their target language but have been able to adapt, make friends, and learn a lot.
  • Can I bring friends? Yes this is totally fine. Actually, we encourage you to bring friends. Our group has been able to grow so quickly because most people who come, bring friends to the next meet up.
  • Can I come alone? Yes! definitely. We applaud anyone who comes alone. That takes bravery. You may come alone but you will definitely not be alone at our meet up.
  • Can I come late? Yes. No problem. But I think everyone would prefer if you would come on time. Get it together.
  • How can you offer this service for so cheap? We consider the meet ups as a platform for our other services (Parties and learning content). Though, having said that, there is a small surcharge on each coffee sold that goes towards our rental, advertising and management fees.
  • Where and when are the meet ups? Check out the event calendar here to find out updates. You can also see event details posted on our Facebook page.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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