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Address: 서울특별시 강남구 논현동 166-23

(English: NonHyeon-Dong 166-23 6 floor, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)


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Do you like learning about other cultures? Do you like meeting new people, living abroad, travel, big parties, new experiences, learning language, networking and self development? Global Seoul Mates (GSM) is a community of people that answer yes to these questions. GSM was founded in South Korea in 2015. Since then it’s grown to over 60,000 people from over 40 different countries around the world.

If you’re living in Korea, or not, this site will be useful for you. If you’re living in Korea that’s great. If you’re living in Seoul that’s especially great because we have all sorts of fun stuff going on like language meet upsinternational parties and Korean lessons. If you’re living abroad, well, that’s okay too because we have some online content that we think you’ll find useful.

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Check out our GSM Language Exchange in the video below

We have a Language Exchange Cafe and Pub in Gangnam (GSM Terrace) We host language exchanges, language workshops and international parties every day of the week!

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Big Private Parties every Year
Language Exchange Cafe & Pub
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Language Exchange

We have English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese Language exchanges as well as International Parties every week. Not to mention study groups, lessons and special events. It’s all clearly laid out here.


We throw some of the biggest private parties in all of South Korea. You can see the videos and photos here.

GSM Terrace

In 2017 we opened GSM Terrace. This is a Cafe & Pub which is totally dedicated to language exchanges, study groups and international parties. Get a closer look here.

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A community is only as good as its people. Here are some of the people that make it all possible


Co-Founder. Special talent is he can eat the same food every day.


Co-Founder. Wants to be a couch potato but is really a workaholic.