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In this orientation we’ll:
*Give you a sample of course content
*Make a case for our class teaching style
*Give you an opportunity to ask questions
*give you a chance to meet-n-greet other, like-minded people here in Seoul!
🎯Date & Time:
Tuesday, July 2nd, 8:00 PM
🎯Location & Address:
GSM Terrace, Gangnam. (논현동 164-14 3 floor) 
🎯Class Period:
July 4th – July 25th
🎯Class date:
Tuesday and Thursday (8pm – 10pm)
*8 Classes Total
🎯Class Teacher:
Drill Sergeant 정호 (Marcus) 🗣
Marcus is a get-it-done kind of guy. He speaks Korean, English and Chinese. He’s been teaching Korean and Chinese for 4 years now. He’ll push you harder than you thought possible and he’ll leave no man or woman behind!!
🎯Class size:
6 – 8 students per class
🎯Target Level:
Lower Intermediate
*This class is for the lower intermediate who wants to level up their Korean! This student knows they need to buckle down, and work hard to get to the next level, but there have been too many obstacles in the way. Maybe you’re too busy, you don’t know what to learn next, or you’re just unmotivated. In any case, this class is designed to force you to engage with Korean in a strict, and structured way.
*1 – 2 grammar patterns / class.
*30 – 50 sentence patterns / class.
*20 – 40 new vocabulary / class.
Class 1: Intermediate Self Introduction
Class 2: How to speak Korean NOT English
Class 3: Making Payments
Class 4: Ordering
Class 5: Making plans with friends
Class 6: Useful Questions
Class 7: Locations / Finding Directions / Giving Directions
Class 8: Final Review and Evaluation

Let's do it!

🎯Teaching style:
The class is strict. This is tough-love. It’s what lower intermediates need. Going from level zero to lower-intermediate is the easy part. Don’t be mistaken! Going from lower intermediate to intermediate is a long, gruelling process and most students don’t make it because they use the same strategies that got them to lower-intermediate. You must PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE and then, do some more PRACTICE.
✅This class emphasizes the following learning techniques:
Shadowing, repetition, recall, grammar-pattern rote learning, voice / video recording, and various phone applications.
* The idea is to get the sentence patterns into your head! Without deliberate, focused, repeated study, it can take you a very long time to level up from lower-intermediate. This class acknowledges that there is a lot of work to be done to get to intermediate. This is why we push, push, and push you through the content. It’s tough-love!!
🛑This class de-emphasizes the following learning techniques:
extended grammar explanations, and student questions.
* In our view, the teacher should not be explaining Korean so that you ‘get it’. You’ll never it ‘get it’ this way. You’ll only think you’ve got it but then you’ll have trouble stringing together sentences. Language is not a conceptual thing that you understand. It’s like an instrument. You’ve got to learn it in your bones!
* The really effective way, is to drill the sentence patterns again, and again in engaging ways until you REALLY get it. You’ll know you’ve got it because you can speak out in Korean.
*We have many channels for you to ask questions, and get help with content you don’t understand, HOWEVER, most of the time it’s better to keep plowing through the content than to get hung up on small grammar points.
There is daily homework. This is tough-love!!
This works out to 10,000 / hour of class time. Expect to spend many more hours outside the class working through the course material.

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