Learn Korean in a fun and Easy way!

We call this language class The Korean Gym, because it’s more about training Korean than studying Korean. Just show up, and be ready to practice.

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why learn Korean here?
Small Classes Guaranteed

One on One, One on Two and One on Three class sizes.

Super Cheap

Way cheaper than all other options for learning Korean.


Super flexible class schedule and class content. Register up to 2 hours before class.

Drinks Included

Choose any 2 drinks: Coffee, Tea, Juice, Beer, Wine, Cocktails, and Soju

Language Exchange

Use what you learn immediately. 4 hour Language exchange included after the Korean Gym.

Speak out

Huge contact time with Korean Native Korean Trainers.


We’ve got 9 different levels from Hangul to Current events. We chose Talktomeinkorean.com textbooks because their content is rock solid. 


We have trainers rather than teachers. They’ll make you speak! They will make you remember! 하나! 둘! 셋! 넷!

Train Korean

Exercise your Korean skills! Don’t listen and learn all about the rules. We’ll keep you on track.

Check out some of our Trainers!

Check out the classes!

Small drop-in classes (usually 1:1, sometimes 1:2 or 1:3)

Is the Korean Gym right for me?


Learning has to be fun. Plain and simple. If we’re learning alone, it can get dull really fast. This Korean Gym is face to face with other people from around the world, and that makes things very interesting.


As a self-study learner, it can be really hard to stay motivated. Ever open your textbook only to find your self browsing Facebook moments later? That will never happen here. Our Korean Trainers will give you the kick in your butt and the praise you need to reach your goals!


We know how confusing things can get when studying alone. There can be so many holes in our Korean. You might know a few really difficult words and then be clueless about some basic grammar. We’ll record what you learn, and build one what you learned before.

Who joins this class?

If you’re positive and open minded you’ll definitely like these lessons. Having said that, here are some common types that will really like our Korean Gym:

English Teachers

English teachers can live in Seoul for a very long time without learning too much Korean. We get it. How can you learn Korean when you’re expected to speak English all day long? We’ve got you. If you want to step up your Korean skills, the Korean Gym is designed for you.

International Students

Wether you’re in Korean University for Korean or not, this program will work for you. A lot of times, the curriculum asks you to plow through so much Korean you hardly get a chance to speak out! Well you’ll get plenty practice in the Korean gym. If you wish, you can bring your own textbooks and we’ll use our teaching methods to train you on them. 

Company Workers

For all you company workers here in Seoul, you’ll find our Korean Gym useful because it is damn efficient. Just like a real Gym, our trainers will have you do reps and sets that are aimed at getting results so you can spend more time doing things you want to do!


We use the Talk To Me In Korean Textbook series. Our lessons cover the topics below. Scroll down to see the textbooks. You can learn more about the textbooks at talktomeinkorean.com

Korean Alphabet (90 Day Korean)
Textbooks 1 – 3 cover beginner topics
Real-life Korean Conversations Beginner
Textbooks 4 – 5 cover intermediate topics
Real-life Korean Conversations Intermediate

Just 10,000 KRW for each class!

Your Korean Level

Take this 2 minute quiz to find out your Korean level. Then, if you register, for a drop-in class, we'll prepare you a 1:1 or small group lesson based on your level! We're open 6 days a week in Hongdae and Gangnam. Give it a try!

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Gangnam Location

Take exit 3 Sinnonhyeon Station. 5 minute walk.
Video directions

Hongdae Location

Hongdae Station Exit 3. Seven Minute walk.
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