Learn Socially
Build a positive, social experience in Seoul

GSM events get over 4,000 visits every month

Welcome to Global Seoul Mates! Or, GSM for short. We’re a community that likes to meet up, exchange language, culture and we like to party. Since starting 3 years go, we’ve connected over 100,000 people from over 40 countries from around the world. We host meet ups at our 2 International Cafes and Pubs in Seoul with over 4,000 visits each month. We throw the biggest private parties in Korea. We’ve been doing this a long time and we know exactly what we’re doing. Read on, and I’ll show you our services, our membership discounts and how to get one membership month for free.

Get 100% attendance in one month, get the next month free

What's Good
Just a few benefits GSM members get

Save your money

Any membership worth it’s salt helps you save money. You’ll get up to 66% off of our regular price. That way you can commit, and pay less. Also, if you’ve got 100% attendance, we’ll give you the next month free. Scroll down to see prices.

Meet Positive People

You’ll have the chance to build meaningful connections, with like-minded people from all around the world right here in Seoul. We have people come from all backgrounds. The one thing in common is they are positive.

Learn Korean one on one, or in small groups

We’re all about teaching foreigners in Seoul how to speak Korean. That’s why we have lessons every day of the week (except Friday). Just set your day, and we’ll get you a Korean lesson with one on one or in small groups. Learn more here.

Party with locals and expats

We love to party. We have International parties every Friday and Saturday in Gangnam and Hongdae. We have bigger 2 and 3 thousand person parties every month or two! Check that out here.

Speak with Natives

Learn socially! What better way to learn to speak a language than to speak with natives of that language? You’ll get plugged right into the local culture. We have language exchanges everyday in Gangnam and Hongdae. You’ll find that here.

Unlock huge bonuses

With our community purchasing power, we can unlock services related with travel, dating, language, culture and other new experiences at discounted prices. This list of benefits is always growing. Check that out here. 

I want GSM Membership


Let us explain

David and Jungho created GSM 3 years ago. David will explain what GSM is all about. You probably don’t know what it’s all about!

Video about Membership

In this Video, David goes over the basics of the membership.

How it Works

100% attendance in one month gives you a 100% free membership in the next month.

Basically, with membership at GSM, you’ll have more benefits and you’ll pay less. Above all, GSM is a community. We want you to come to our meet ups. We want you to make new friends, learn new languages and enjoy yourself. If you flourish, GSM flourishes. This is why we will give you one month membership free if you finish 1 month with 100% attendance. This is not a membership where we press you to buy and then hope you don’t show up.

How do I count attendance?

It’s really simple. Just come in, give us the last 4 digits of your phone number and our computer will do all the other counting work. We’ll know when your membership is finished and we’ll keep track of all of your attendance.

What about days with more than one meet up?

GSM has many meet ups every single day. With membership, you can get into more than one meet up in one day. For example, on Saturday we have a Korean lesson, a language exchange and a pub party. With membership, just one entry is used to get into all 3 of these meet ups. However, you’ll only get 2 drinks included with your membership entry for one of the meet ups. If you like, you can always purchase straight from the menu.

User's guide

It's really easy to use. Click the tabs below to learn more.

Language Exchange

For any language Exchange or pub party, simply give the last 4 digits of your phone number to the front desk and you’ll get your two drinks. Then you can just enter the event and enjoy.

Korean Lessons

For Korean lessons, you simply pre-select the days of the week that you want, and we’ll prepare you a teacher for those days.

Get your free month

-Every time you enter a meet up, after giving your Member ID, we will register your attendance.
– 1 day = 1 attendance. For example, Attending Saturday afternoon and evening meetups does not count as 2 attendances.
– One day, up to 2 free drinks can be included. For example, after receiving 2 drinks on Saturday evening, you may not receive 2 more drinks during the Saturday International pub Party. But you may receive free entrance into the pub party

Early Bird Big Party Pricing

For GSM Big Parties, we always have Early bird pricing 4 weeks before the party date. This early bird discount can be as much as 20,000won. GSM members are given coupon codes for early bird discounts after regular deadlines have passed.

Claiming Bonuses

GSM’s list of bonuses is always growing. You’ll receive emails about how to claim your community benefits.

How Much?
Choose a plan that works for you

Two Times a week


⭐️60,000won / month
⭐️25% discount
⭐️8 entries in one month
⭐️Any 2 drinks with each entry
⭐️Gangnam and Hongdae location
⭐️Korean lesson
⭐️Earlybird pricing for big parties
⭐️100% discount on next month with 100% attendance

3 times a week


⭐️80,000won / month
⭐️33% discount
⭐️12 entries in one month
⭐️Any 2 drinks with each entry
⭐️Gangnam and Hongdae location
⭐️Korean lesson
⭐️Earlybird pricing for big parties
⭐️100% discount on next month with 100% attendance



⭐️100,000won / month
⭐️66% discount
⭐️Unlimited entries in one month
⭐️Any 2 drinks with each entry
⭐️Gangnam and Hongdae location
⭐️Korean lesson
⭐️Earlybird pricing for big parties
⭐️100% discount on next month after attending 15 times