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Portrait Rights:

*초상권 사용 동의 (꼭 읽어주세요!)
파티 티켓을 구매하신 모든 분들은 해당 파티에서 촬영된 본인의 사진과 관련하여 본 매체가 상업적 목적으로 해당 초상권을 사용하는것에 대해 동의한 것으로 간주합니다.

Agreement to Portrait Rights (Please read!)
All those who buy tickets argee that photos and video will be taken at the location of the party and agree that GSM owns the right to these photos for social media and commercial use.

**GSM 큰 파티의 환불규정

1.얼리버드 그룹할인을 받아서 구매하신 티켓은 환불이 불가합니다.
2.그룹할인을 받지 않은 티켓은 아래 조건에 따라 환불됩니다.
-행사 2주전 : 전액 환불(취소 수수료 : 티켓금액의 5%)
-행사 1주전 : 반액 환불(취소 수수료 : 티켓금액의 5%)
-행사일 6일전~1일전까지는 환불이 불가합니다. 꼭 확인후 티켓을 구매해주세요.
1.카톡 (jungho1664)으로 성함/이메일주소/티켓넘버 보내주세요.
2.카톡 전송후 고객센터(010-5539-1664)로 신청해주세요.
*Reservation ticket cancellation terms
  1. Early bird group discount tickets cannot be refunded at all.
  2. Except for group discounts, all other tickets can be refunded as below.
    1. Two weeks before event: Full refund (administration fee: 5%)
    2. One week before the event: Half refund (administration fee: 5%)
    3. From 6 to 1 day before the event: No refunds possible
The way to refund
  1. Kakao Talk (Rufio1) send your name, email address, ticket number.
  2. After sending your Kakao message, contact the customer service centre (01048948035)



*GSM Membership

60,000won – 8 entries over 8 weeks
80,000won – 12 entries over 8 weeks
100,000won – 20 entries over 8 weeks
– Upon entry, 2 free drinks (Coffee, Latte, Tea, Juice, Beer, Wine, Cocktails)
– Entry to both Gangnam and Hongdae locations
– Korean workshops included (For Korean learners)
– One day, up to 2 free drinks can be included. (For example, after receiving 2 drinks on Saturday evening, you may not receive 2 more drinks during the Saturday International pub Party. But you may receive free entrance into the pub party).
– Cash, card and bank transfer are all possible (Card is 10% extra)
– For attendance to be registered, you must attend our meet up for at least 1 hour. (We encourage you to participate, practice your language and make new friends).
– With good faith, If any member creates any form of harassment or major interruptions to the event environment or if any member receives 3 seperate complaints, than that member’s membership will be ended without refund.
*GSM membership refund policies
60,000won, 80,000won, 10,000won
  1. Within 5 days after starting, 0 entries are used, 100% refund is possible.
  2. Within 10 days after starting, under 4 entries are used, 50% refund is possible.
  3. Within 10 days after starting, 4 entries or more are used, refund is not possible.
  4. For detailed inquires, please call our support center at 010-4894-8035.
※For all refunds, there is a 5% administration charge.
※The use of any bonus services (example: big party early bird discount price) voids the refund policy above.
*Transfer policy
All transfers are not possible.
*Postponing policy
-This depends on the reason for postponing.
-A doctors note of illness is permissible grounds for postponing the membership. Work trips do not qualify for membership postponment.
-Postponing is available to one month.


개인정보 수집 및 이용 약관

Individual Information and Use Policy


After registering for Global Seoul Mates as a user, you are accepting to our policies for using contact information for promoting Global Seoul Mates’ events.


Division Personal Info. items Personal Info. Use Period of use 비고
Required Name, Phone, email, Language Level 모임 운영, 공지, 정보 제공 및 마케팅(할인, 이벤트,기타행사) Until user requests to be signed out or keep according to government rules.  


글로벌메이트 회원으로 가입 및 모임 신청서를 작성할시 글로벌메이트의 ‘이용약관(필수)과 아래의 개인정보 수집 항목 및 목적에 따라 글로벌메이트의 이벤트 및DM발송 서비스 등 마케팅 활동에 사용하는 것에 동의합니다.


구분 개인정보 수집 항목 수집 목적 보유 및 이용 기간 비고
필수(서비스 이용시 필수) 이름, 휴대전화, 이메일, 외국어 레벨 모임 운영, 공지, 정보 제공 및 마케팅(할인, 이벤트,기타행사) 회원탈퇴 또는 거래기록 없이 개인정보 유효기간 도래시  



*문의 전화 : 010-5539-1664
*문의 카톡 : jungho1664
*Phone: 010-4894-8035
*Kakao: Rufio1