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Welcome to HiLokal.

We are an events company in Seoul. We love to meet up, party and learn Korean. We host events everyday in our cafe and pubs in Gangnam and Hongdae.

Meet ups


Practice speaking your target language with 30 - 50 friendly people from around the world. We offer English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and French. A great way to make friends.


Korean Study


We offer 1:1 and 1:2 classes with Koreans. Our philosophy is to give you as MUCH speaking time with Koreans as possible. We have software and textbooks to keep you on progressing.




Hundreds of people from around the world gather every Friday and Saturday at our parties. Share your story over a drink and a laugh. Themed events prepared for every weekend.


Two Locations

We host events everyday in Gangnam and Hongdae at our Cafe and Pubs designed for meet ups.

Hongdae, Terrace Cafe &Pub

Exit 8, Hongdae Station [서교동 327-45 2 Floor]

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Gangnam, Terrace Cafe &Pub

Exit 3, Shinnonhyeon Station [논현동 164-14 3 Floor]

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서울시 논현동 182-24 지하 1층

⚠️환불규정: 이벤트 10일 전까지는 전액환급, 7일 전에는 10% 공제 후 환급, 3일 전까지는 20% 공제 후 환급, 이벤트 1일 전에는 30% 공제 후 환급 당일 환불 불가 (각각의 이벤트에 따라 환불내용을 참고해주세요)


테라스 (Terrace)
사업자등록번호 : 192-10-00481
대표 : 데이비드, 윤정호
통신 판매업 등록 : 2020-서울강남-00220