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Wed, Jun 21
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
GSM Tables
논현동 182-24 Basement
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  • 7:00 PM
    start and greeting
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[ SINCE 2022.05.14. ]

International community for cultural/language exchange in a family-like atmosphere

This is COCOMA.

Established in May of last year, we are celebrating our 1st anniversary soon!

I'm the little captain here!\

abnormal meeting

Foreign students living in Korea, Lee Mi-ja, exchange students, etc.

For Koreans who want to make foreign friends

It is a cultural space where you can exchange languages ​​and cultures


Thankfully, GSM arranged a place for us, so we're opening it here too!


We originally had meetings in Sinchon, Konkuk University, and Songpa.

It opened in hot hot Gangnam :)

I have been here for more than 5 years and met foreign friends of various nationalities.

I met a lot of Korean friends of the same nationality.

We've been close enough to keep in touch for a long time, so we're still having fun.


Foreigners living lonely lives and Koreans can gather and communicate

It has been newly opened through GSM to create a place for cultural exchange..!

The exchange meeting is held for two hours from 19:30 to 21:30 in the afternoon.

Snacks and drinks are prepared.

I hope you can freely gather in a cultural space to talk and make a lot of friends:")

After the exchange meeting, we are going to have a delicious meal for the second time!


Participation is not compulsory, so you can only attend if you wish.


And there is our kakaotalk room in Little Dongsan. If you are interested,


Various international cultural events are held, so you are welcome ^^/




All the foreigners I invited are my friends!


Foreigners from more than 10 nationalities are expected to participate.


If you come with an open mind when you come, you will have a really enjoyable time!






< Precautions >

Please refrain from talking about topics such as sales, religion, politics, stocks, and racial discrimination.

If there is a problem, we will take action immediately. (non-refundable)

Through cultural exchange such as language exchange with foreigners

I hope you see and hear a lot!

A small world in Korea, we see the world through people.


< I want to be with these people >

Those who want to make foreign friends

Those who are interested in global culture

People who want to meet and play with new people

Those who want to learn or practice a foreign language (English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.)


< Provided information >


- Cultural Exchange Program


- Snack provided (finger food)


-Beverage provided (coffee, beverage, tea, etc.)


- Networking space for multinational foreign friends




< Ingredients >


open mind


< Order of Progress >

1. Opening (5 minutes)

Introducing the host!


2. Ice breaking (15 minutes)

Let's make friends through recreation


3. Introduce yourself (15 minutes)

Guess which country I am from?


4. Language exchange (1 hour)

How do you say hello in your language?


5. Cultural Exchange (1 hour)

Let's play a fun game together!


6. Dinner (2 hours)

Samgyeopsal + Soju Party

This is a cultural exchange GSM table established in 2015.

We are holding meetings for international exchange such as language exchange with foreign friends.

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