¡Hola! Spanish with Hyeznita

Sun, Nov 26 | 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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Sun, Nov 26
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
GSM Tables
논현동 182-24 Basement
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Event Timeline
  • 7:30 PM
    Enter and greet, topics
  • 9:00 PM
    Spanish meetup finishes, enter social meetup
  • 10:00 PM
    Free-talking Party
  • 11:00 PM
    Event finishes
  • 1 free drink
  • Meetup Hosted by Hyeznita, Spanish Host
  • 1.5 hour meetup with topics and free talking
  • free entry into social meetup afterwards
  • Chance to meet 10 - 15 like minded people


¡Hola! I'm Hyejin, and I have a deep love for Latin culture. I learned Spanish and salsa in Mexico, and the scent of tequila that filled my 20th birthday still brings back memories of my beloved hometown, Mexico. I have a passion for Spanish, so I majored in it and have traveled to Spain and various parts of Latin America several times.
Despite my shortcomings, I remain committed to continuous learning! I'm also a salsa dancer who loves expressing music through my body. While dancing salsa, I write books and give lectures. I'm even learning tango and flamenco. It's only natural that I can't sit still when reggaeton starts playing! I'm also the proud owner of a five-year-old dog, and I take him for walks three times a day. You know, it's not just about responsibility, right? When I set my mind to something, I'm determined to do it well.
I also want to create enjoyable Spanish language gatherings. After all, if you bury your desires deep inside and never bring them to the surface, you're bound to regret it someday, right? The same goes for languages! Let's make Sunday evenings a joyful time that adds vitality to our week!
I will provide you with a solid foundation in speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish, and I'll also share real-life stories about the culture and the Spanish language that I learned through trial and error in Mexico. Additionally, I believe that sharing our experiences and discussing episodes from our own lives will make our time more enjoyable. Therefore, we'll have plenty of enjoyable and meaningful conversations on specific topics, so please look forward to that.
The gatherings will take place every Sunday. Will you join us? I'll be waiting for you~!
¡Hola! Soy Hyejin y amo la cultura latina. Aprendí español y salsa en México. Mi corazón siempre recuerda el aroma de la deliciosa comida mexicana que tenía en mi vigésimo cumpleaños. Me enamoré de México y su cultura, así que decidí estudiar español y he viajado varias veces a España y América Latina.
Aunque tengo mucho por aprender, no pierdo la pasión por mejorar. Además de ser una amante de la música, soy una bailarina de salsa. Bailo salsa, escribo libros y doy charlas. También estoy aprendiendo tango y flamenco. No puedo resistir la tentación de moverme cuando suena música alegre.
Soy la orgullosa dueña de un perro de cinco años, a quien saco a pasear tres veces al día. ¿Puedes decir que no tengo sentido de responsabilidad? Cuando me comprometo a hacer algo, lo hago bien. Quiero hacer que nuestros encuentros en el grupo de español sean divertidos. ¿No crees que si guardamos lo que queremos hacer en lo más profundo de nuestro corazón, eventualmente lamentaremos no haberlo hecho? Lo mismo ocurre con el idioma. ¡Hagamos de las noches de los domingos un momento emocionante que nos llene de energía para la semana!
No solo te proporcionaré las bases para hablar, leer y escribir en español, sino que también compartiré historias auténticas sobre la cultura y el español que aprendí a través de ensayos y errores en México. Además, creo que será más divertido si compartimos nuestras opiniones sobre las experiencias que he vivido. Por lo tanto, tenemos planeadas muchas conversaciones agradables y profundas sobre temas específicos.
Las reuniones se llevarán a cabo todos los domingos. ¿Te unirás? ¡Estoy esperando con entusiasmo!

Q: I'm not very good at the language I want to learn. Can I still join?


A: Of course! It's fine at any level. We have prepared tables suitable for each level, so you can learn alongside people at the same level.


Q: Is it okay if I arrive late?


A: Absolutely. Come when you're comfortable and leave when you want. It's a relaxed and friendly event, so feel free to come and go as you please.


Q: How can I participate? A: Just make a reservation here and come. We'll guide you on what you need when you arrive.



What makes the language exchange program special?




I'll introduce the special aspects of our language exchange program meetup.


- Our Unique Space: The GSM Terrace is exclusively designed for meetups. It's equipped for a variety of meetups to take place every day. From the staff to the menu, everything is tailored to create the perfect language exchange program meetup.


- Diligent and Friendly Staff: Our friendly staff enjoy welcoming new people to our fantastic venue. There are staff members at the entrance to guide you for events, and there are always staff members ready to listen to feedback.


- Sophisticated Matching System: Our specially designed matching software considers individual circumstances to help facilitate optimized connections.


- Personalized Content: Depending on your language learning level and interests, our system recommends suitable content. We provide recommendations upon your arrival or during online registration.


- Table Rotation: We facilitate meeting as many people as possible through table rotation every hour. You can connect with everyone.


- Rewards: The more you attend our events, the more points you can earn. These points can be exchanged for great rewards.


- Code of Conduct: Only healthy individuals can participate in the language exchange program meetup to make it a better experience. Individuals who receive three complaints from others will no longer be able to participate in the event. If you encounter any discomfort, please inform our staff.



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